History of Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church


On October 7, 2003 a group of sixteen Christians met at the home of Herman & Carolyn Bachus to discuss forming a Bible study group. In attendance were, Herman & Carolyn Bachus, Rev. Ernest D. & Doris Winters, Carrie Dority, Carter Franklin, Pat Butler, Mary Henderson, Willie Mae Jordan, Henderson Jordan, Kathryn Johnson, Deloris Peyton, Larry & Carmen Sain, Tonya Peyton, and Erica Anderson. Deacon Larry Sain suggested that the group began having weekly Bible studies. Rev. Ernest Winters and others held weekly Bible Study in homes. Due to the growing size of the Bible Study sessions, the group had to move to a hotel.

The Church was formed holding bi-weekly Sunday service beginning on December 7, 2003. It was unanimously agreed that the church be called Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church with a theme, “The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody". Rev. Ernest Winters became the church’s first pastor. Other leaders were officers of the church: Deacon Larry Sain, Herman Bachus, Deacon In Training, Trustee and Usher, Sis. Kathryn Johnson, Sis. Mary Henderson, Trustee, and Carmen Sain, Church Administrator. With much excitement, the group arrived early on December 7, 2003 to receive and welcome a congregation of 80 men, women, and children. Rev. Winters sermon topic was "A Hater Decree". Christ the Solid Rock quickly outgrew the hotel space.

In 2006, the leaders of the church began to look for a larger space or a building to purchase. After months of searching and meeting with realtors, the leaders located a building for sale. The building, at 1502 Parkside Drive, is the current site for the church. It is amazing that the church was once a wood shop. In early 2007 construction was well on the way. Various members contributed toward converting the old wood shop into a church.

In 2008, Pastor Winters led the congregation as they marched from the parking lot through the doors into this place we now call Christ the Solid Rock.

Since August of 2011, Christ the Solid Rock continues under the leadership of Pastor Everett Mitchell. Pastor Mitchell explains "the devil only comes to test the commitments you have made to God.  Don't be afraid to commit to God and watch God in turn commit to you." We must not only say it but we must live out our theme, "The Church Where Everybody is Somebody."

Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church Mission Statement:

Led by the Holy Spirit, by faith we stand firmly on a solid foundation respecting the gifts and talents of everyone.  Our faithful commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ will be self-evident in our daily lives through the nurturing and enhancing of the mind, body and soul.